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Healthy Meals Thatll Be Ready In A Snap

Some seniors love to spend time cooking! For those who don’t—and for their busy caretakers— there are these easy breezy meal ideas.

Balanced Breakfasts

Don’t let a crunch for time or a lack of energy cause your senior to miss the most important meal of the day. Balanced breakfasts can be made in minutes.

Get the day off to a good start quick with a microwave-friendly banana split oatmeal. This recipe is healthy and versatile and makes for a sweet breakfast or tasty dessert!

Is savory more your speed? Try a surprisingly quick breakfast frittata!

Hearty Lunch Salads

Salads make perfect lunches because they’re easy, quick and healthy.

This Chinese chicken cabbage salad makes a meal on its own with its nutritionally dense ingredients. Or skip the chicken to have it as a side dish!

A classic three bean salad is the perfect go-to for bringing a side dish to family gatherings. But it also makes an easy lunch that you can make the previous night.

This hearty Greek salad makes the perfect side, or can make a lunch all on its own when topped with some chicken.

Want something sweet that doesn’t compromise nutrition? Go for a low-calorie, nutritionally dense poppyseed fruit salad!

Easy One Pot Dinners

What’s easier than a dinner made in one dish? Nothing!

A hearty beef stew is an incredibly filling staple! Let it stew all day in a slow cooker, or bring this recipe together quickly with an instant pot.

Make lots of food with little effort with this one pot chicken teriyaki recipe! This can feed the entire family or provide leftovers for a week of easy dinner.

This one pot vegetarian chili is perfect for diet restrictions or Meatless Mondays.

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