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Limited Mobility Doesnt Have To Stop The Fun

Mobility issues can be a rather unwelcome part of the aging process, with many older adults feeling that life as they know it is screeching to a halt.

The U.S. Census reports 47 million seniors living in the United States, and it should come as no surprise that mobility issues are common. It was found in a 2014 study that 40% of those 65 and older have at least one disability. Of those, some two-thirds admitted to having issues with walking or climbing.

Fortunately, limited mobility issues does not have to ruin your loved one’s fun!

Ways to Get Past Limited Mobility

It is common for health issues like arthritis, stroke and even fall-related injuries to slow your loved one down and make mobility difficult. Changes may need to be made, but in the end, there is nothing that says a fun time cannot be had with limited mobility.

These five activities are just a handful of those that can help your loved one continue enjoying life:

  1. Scrapbooking. If your loved one has a plethora of old family photos stored away in boxes at home, a scrapbook could be just the ticket. Your loved one will get to take a trip through memory lane, and you can join in as he or she relives those excellent moments.
  2. Quality time outside. Nothing can beat the mood booster that being outdoors can provide. With the summer months here, sitting outside in a shaded area can prove a boon for the soul. It’s important that too much time in the heat is not had though.
  3. Exercise options. Just because his or her mobility may be limited, that doesn’t mean exercise stops being an option. Your loved one can enjoy chair exercises, chair yoga and even focus on balance through walker exercises.
  4. Bingo. It may seem stereotypical, but don’t count out the game of bingo! Not only is it a fun outing, but it’s also a way for your loved one to get some socialization in.
  5. Embracing the creative side. It is known that depression and anxiety can be minimized by participating in creative activities like painting, drawing, crafts and sculpting. Fun, creative and engaging—you can’t go wrong there!

There is no reason that mobility issues should hinder your loved one from enjoying life to the fullest.

Know that Executive Care of Northern Virginia is always ready to step in and help make sure your loved one is leading the life he or she wants and deserves, right in the comfort of home. Don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about our in-home care services.