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Low Impact Exercises For Seniors

Exercise is a key component of a healthy lifestyle for people of all ages, including older adults.

But what about our aging loved ones with joint pain or mobility issues? Exercise isn’t always easy—so let’s take a look at some low-impact exercise ideas that go easy on the joints!

Start by Walking

Many people may not think of walking as an exercise. But this most basic mode of getting around is also the most basic form of low-impact cardiovascular exercise!

You can encourage your family members who are out of shape or out of practice to slow get into the habit of walking over the course of a couple of weeks. Even finding 10 minutes each day to do a bit of walking can make a huge difference!

Exercise While Seated

Seniors who are wheelchair-bound or need a walker to get around might find a daily walk to be a taxing or even impossible option. Luckily, there are some great exercise options that can be done while seated!

Some low-impact upper body chair exercises are perfect even for people who don’t have great range of motion in their lower bodies. Start the seated workout off with some simple neck stretches, arm stretches and shoulder circles to warm up.

Next, use some light weights or canned foods to perform some basic strength exercises. Pull the elbows back, weights in hand, and squeeze the shoulder blades to perform a seated row. After a few reps, move onto some slow shoulder rolls—make sure to hold onto those weights!

Finish the chair workout with some abdominal twists to work the core and stretch the back.

Water Workouts

Swimming is a famed full-body workout on its own, with low impact on the joints. Intensify a swimming pool workout by grabbing some water weights and trying out some water exercises!

Using a kickboard or the side of the pool, seniors can straighten their legs with quick kicks or slower leg swings.

Limited mobility in the legs or hips? Try standing on the floor of the pool or treating water and doing some arm exercises like arm circles, curls or chest flies. Use water weights for even more of a workout!

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