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There’s nothing better than enjoying some quality outdoors time during the summer, no matter your age.

While there are plenty of benefits to spending time outdoors for seniors, it’s vital to take precautions so the heat does not turn dangerous for your aging loved one.

There can be changes in physiology that result in seniors being more sensitive to the dangers of heat. Not only are they unable to adjust as well to sudden changes in temperature, but they often have chronic medical conditions that make it difficult to respond well to heat. Certain medications can also hinder the body’s capability to control temperature or sweat.

The Dangers of Heat

Heat-related illnesses, which fall under the umbrella term “hyperthermia,” can pose quite a serious and even deadly threat to older individuals. These illnesses can include:

  • Heat stroke
  • Heat edema
  • Heat exhaustion
  • Heat syncope
  • Heat cramps

There are other health-related factors that may increase the risk of hyperthermia, which is why it’s smart to know them beforehand. You never know, that information could prove to be a lifesaver. These health factors include:

  • Age-related changes like poor circulation and inefficient sweat glands
  • High blood pressure or other issues that call for salt-restricted diets
  • Being over- or underweight
  • Reduced sweating due to medication use

Making Sure Your Loved One Is Protected

It doesn’t have to be difficult protecting older adults from the heat this summer.

The main ways to protect older adults from the heat include making sure they are staying hydrated and cool.

It could be advisable for their water intake to increase during the summer months, and make sure they are not waiting until thirsty to drink. Take precautions, though, because if they have fluid limitations or are taking medications such as water pills, it is best to consult with a doctor regarding how much is acceptable to drink.

Other steps you can take include spending more time indoors during the hottest hours of the day, which are typically between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m., and not relying solely on a fan to cool the home.

Taking these steps can help ensure your loved one enjoys a happy, healthy and safe summer.

The in-home care services provided by Executive Care of Northern Virginia can work alongside you to ensure your loved one is leading a happy and healthy life throughout the summer and whole year! Contact us today to learn more about the help we can provide.


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I’d like to convey to you how wonderful the aide Afia is for my mother’s care. She has been with her since last January and has become more than just a caregiver. She truly “cares” and is skillful in her abilities. My mom has had several health situations and her current health has improved to the best she has been in several years. Both her doctor and my family attribute a large part of that to Afia’s care. She is diligent about her diet and sleep patterns, and her “toileting” issues. All of this has contributed greatly to my mom’s overall improved health and her peace of mind as well as our family’s peace of mind. We cannot say enough about her. We are also very satisfied with Executive Care all the way around, from the billing department and everyone we speak with on the phone, very courteous and professional.
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It’s almost five years since we have been receiving caregivers through Executive Care, and I would like to take this transitional period to express our appreciation for the services you have provided thus far. We are particularly appreciative of the special attention and care Lili has given to our case. Lili has been very sensitive to our particular needs and it has been and remains important to us to have consistency in the arrangements by having Lili as our go-to person in light of Dr. E’s special needs. It is apparent that Lili has many other important responsibilities, so we wanted to thank Executive Care and Lili for the efforts she has made on our behalf.
Judge Naomi E
I have had business dealings with Executive Care for some time now and have invariably been very satisfied. The personnel have been considerate, trustworthy, capable and always responsive. They have provided a genuine physical and emotional lift to the patient, in my case an elderly, frail sister. I do not hesitate to recommend the organization for the services rendered.
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